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Maryland Lease Agreement

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Habitation: A lease must include a statement that the premises will be made available in a condition permitting habitation, with reasonable safety, if that is the agreement, or if that is not the agreement, a statement of the agreement concerning the condition of the premises; and the landlord’s and the tenant’s specific obligations as to heat, gas, electricity, water, and repair of the premises. (Md. Code Ann. [Real Prop.] §8-208)

Owner or Agent Information: The landlord must include in a lease or post the name and address of the landlord; or the person, if any, authorized to accept notice or service of process on behalf of the landlord. (Md. Code Ann. [Real Prop.] §8-210)

Security Deposit: Landlord must provide a receipt that describes tenant’s rights to move-in and move-out inspections and right to receive itemization of deposit deductions and balance, if any; and penalties for landlord’s failure to comply. Landlord may include this information in the lease. (Md. Code Ann. [Real Prop.] § 8-203, § 8-203.1)