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Arizona Landlord-Tenant Laws

In Arizona, residential rental property relationships between a landlord and a tenant are governed by the Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, A.R.S. Title 33, Chapter 10. The laws of this Act are discussed below.

Landlord-Tenant Exclusions

There are certain landlord-tenant relationships are not governed by the Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act. See Arizona Landlord-Tenant Relationship Exclusions.

Terms and Conditions of Rental Agreement

The state of Arizona allows a landlord to use various lawful provisions when leasing to a tenant and stipulates how to interpret tenancies without an agreement and how to handle other circumstances such as the death of a tenant. See Arizona Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions.

Utility Charges

The laws under this section apply to landlords that charge for gas, water, wastewater, solid waste removal, and electricity. Topics include submetering and ratio utility billing. See Arizona Tenant Utility Charges.

Prohibited Provisions in Rental Agreements

The state of Arizona does not allow landlords to require a tenant to agree to certain terms and conditions when leasing a rental property. See Arizona Prohibited Rental Agreement Provisions.

Landlord Discrimination Against Tenants with Children

Tenants with children have certain protections under the law with regard to renting residential property, except where housing is legally defined for older persons. See Arizona Landlord Discrimination Against Tenants with Children.

Tenant Early Lease Termination

There are a few circumstances in which a tenant is allowed to terminate an existing residential lease agreement in Arizona without penalty. See Arizona Tenant Early Lease Termination.

Bedbug Control

The state of Arizona addresses the obligations and remedies for bedbug infestations in residential rental property. See Arizona Bedbug Control Obligations.

Security Deposits and Prepaid Rent

When a landlord requires a security deposit or rent to be paid in advance, there are laws governing how the funds are to be used and returned. See Arizona Security Deposits and Prepaid Rent.

Landlord Disclosure and Rental Agreement Delivery

The law requires a landlord to reveal proper contact information to a tenant and both must share a fully executed residential lease with each other. See Arizona Landlord Disclosure and Rental Agreement Delivery.

Landlord to Maintain Fit Premises

Landlords have a responsibility under the law to ensure their rental property is maintained in a safe, secure, and habitable manner. See Arizona Landlord to Maintain Fit Premises.

Landlord Foreclosure Notice Requirements

The state of Arizona requires a landlord to provide proper notice to the tenant regarding a rental property that is subjected to foreclosure proceedings that commence before or after tenancy begins. See Arizona Landlord Foreclosure Notice Requirements.

Tenant to Maintain Dwelling Unit

Tenants have a responsibility under the law to ensure the rental property is cared for in a manner that does not create an unsafe, unhealthy, and uninhabitable living conditions. See Arizona Tenant to Maintain Fit Premises.

Landlords May Adopt New Rules or Regulations

During tenancy, a landlord may introduce new rules or regulations concerning the tenant’s use of the rental property. See Arizona Landlords May Adopt New Rules or Regulations.

Access to Rental Property

The law recognizes a landlord may have the need to access the dwelling unit for several different reasons as long as the intent behind such an action is not one of harassment. See Arizona Landlord Right to Enter Rental Property.

Landlord Noncompliance

If a landlord fails to comply with the terms of a rental agreement or has provided false information, the law allows a tenant to take action against the landlord. See Arizona Landlord Noncompliance.