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Arkansas Grounds for Eviction of Tenant

The Arkansas Residential Landlord-Tenant Act of 2007 and Arkansas Code Title 18 Property, Subtitle 2 Real Property, Chapter 16 Landlord and Tenant, Subchapter 5 Tenant Liability – Eviction specify the following circumstances to be lawful reasons for terminating tenancy and evicting a tenant who refuses to leave:

Civil Reasons

A landlord or his or her agent may commence eviction proceedings against a tenant in a district court having jurisdiction over the eviction proceeding, when:

  • The tenant fails or refuses to pay the rent when due or when demanded;
  • The term of tenancy or occupancy has ended; or
  • The terms or conditions of the rental agreement have been violated.

Unpaid Rent

For residential rental agreements, nonpayment of rent within five (5) days of the date due constitutes legal notice to the tenant that the landlord has the right to begin eviction proceedings under this Act.

A.C.A. § 18-17-901.

Criminal Reasons

Any tenant who uses or allows another person to use the tenant’s leased premises as a common nuisance as defined by § 5-74-109(b) or § 16-105-402 or for a criminal offense as identified in § 18-16-502 may be evicted by the prosecuting attorney of the county, the city attorney of the city, the landlord, the premises owner, or the agent for the premises owner.

Any tenant who engages in or allows another person to engage in illegal gambling under § 5-66-107, prostitution as defined by § 5-70-102, or the unlawful sale of alcohol as defined by § 3-3-205 on the tenant’s leased premises shall also be subject to eviction procedures.

A.C.A. § 18-16-501, 502.

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