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Arkansas Tenant Must Allow Access to Rental Property

The Arkansas Residential Landlord-Tenant Act of 2007 requires tenants to allow landlords reasonable access to a rental property as stated herein:

Inspections, Repairs, and Renovations

A tenant shall not unreasonably withhold consent to the landlord to enter into the dwelling unit in order to inspect the premises, make necessary or agreed repairs, decorations, alterations, or improvements, supply necessary or agreed services, investigate possible rule or lease violations, investigate possible criminal activity, or exhibit the dwelling unit to prospective or actual purchasers, mortgagees, tenants, workers, or contractors.

Changing Locks

A tenant shall not change locks on the dwelling unit without the permission of the landlord.

See the landlord’s remedy under the law in the section Arkansas Tenant Refusal of Access to Rental Property.

A.C.A. § 18-17-602.

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