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Flyers for Your Rental Vacancies?

At only 10 cents a copy, this is another low-cost and effective way of advertising your vacancy – especially if you have a computer with a word processor to put together a simple design. Your flyer should be limited on text – Don’t make it too busy to read for passing motorists! – and get right to the heart of what your unit has to offer and for what price. You may also want to consider creating perforated phone numbers on the bottom of your flyer so that prospects can easily tear one off and take it with them – this is commonly seen on college campuses and community bulletin boards (more on these below) and it actually works very well.

The next step after designing your flyer is to make copies and to decide where to optimally post them. Obviously, if you are near a college campus, that’s a perfect place to start. Bulletin boards are commonly found at the admissions office, dining hall, library and even residence halls, for those that plan on moving off campus next semester. In addition to campuses, you can also consider grocery stores, public libraries, community centers, churches and anywhere else that you can easily display it for the community to see. However, it is not recommended that you violate city ordinances by posting them on telephone, traffic or utility poles. Although legal in some areas, you do not want to aggravate the local community; the same goes for placing them on automobile windshields throughout parking lots. Remember, your phone number and address will most likely be on every flyer – and nobody likes a nuisance… so exercise your best judgment.