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Potential Renters Love to See Fresh Paint

Hands down, this is the best and most affordable solution to sprucing up your unit – by giving it the fresh scent of latex paint. Tenants love to walk into a newly-painted rental because it immediately tells them that this unit has been fully cleansed following the previous inhabitants. It doesn’t matter what brand you use, unless odor is truly a concern and you are limited on your aeration time. If that’s the case, then Olympic makes a great low-odor paint that can be found at Lowe’s hardware stores nationwide – and for you pseudo-professional painters, the coverage is absolutely fantastic!

But seriously, wherever you want to buy your paint or whichever brand you wish to use, it ultimately doesn’t matter because you will probably have to paint the unit all over again after the next tenant moves out. So when it comes to interior design, pick a single neutral color and roll with it. Forgot about accent walls, faux-painting and all the other nice ornamental flares you can add. Give the tenant a blank canvas that they can make their own by hanging pictures, paintings, memorabilia, mirrors, wall tapestries… and let’s not forget about those pseudo-trendy velvet black light posters, still readily available at flea markets, thrift shops and novelty stores nationwide.