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How to Raise a Tenant’s Rent

Raising Rent

Limitless: Unless your rental property is in one of a few rent controlled areas, there is no limit as to how much you may charge. However, the timing of the increase and how its done are governed by laws in most states.

Retaliation and Discrimination: As we begin, It’s important to emphasize that despite there being no limit on the amount of rent in most areas, a landlord may not base his or her decision to increase on retaliatory or discriminatory reasons.

When to Increase Rent: Proper notice is required to increase the rent before an existing tenancy is renewed, even for month-to-month terms. You may not increase rent during the term of any fully executed lease agreement unless it’s referenced within.

Important: In many jurisdictions, it doesn’t matter whether or not an actual rental agreement is signed. As long as there’s some form of an agreement, it’s always best to ensure proper notice is given according to the following state requirements: State Rent Increase Laws