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The “Pets and Animals” Lease Addendum

When an applicant or a current tenant approaches you to get permission to have Morris, Chewie – or, yes, even Fluffy – move in to your property ~ [First off – Be sure to thank ‘em for asking alone! – many tenants never bother to disclose their true intentions] ~ then, if after considering the type of animal (namely, its breed and size), you decide to welcome the new addition to your rental, you should decidedly add a written addendum to your lease agreement. This addendum should specifically identify and address each type of pet, its breed, weight, offspring and additional funds that must be added to the existing security deposit that are often non-refundable – approximately $250-$500 per pet depending on what the rental is capable of commanding based upon the quality of amenities and features.

(How much would you charge for accepting pets?)

The important thing to remember is to get it all summed up in writing. Verbal agreements and handshakes are wonderful…until you discover that the present dog is 60lbs heavier than the little Maltese you thought was going to be gently pawing its way around the property (although, the little ones are capable of damage too.)