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Connecticut Eviction Laws

Termination and Eviction in Connecticut

An unconditional notice giving a tenant three days to vacate or face eviction may be used for nonpayment of rent, serious nuisance, violation of the rental agreement, same violation within 6 months relating to health and safety or materially affecting physical premises, rental agreement has terminated (by lapse of time, stipulation, violation of lease, nonpayment of rent after grace period, serious nuisance, occupancy by someone who never had the right to occupy), when summary eviction is justified (refusal to a fair and equitable increase, intent of the landlord to use as a principal residence, removal of the unit from the housing market), domestic or farmworker who does not vacate upon cessation of employment and tenancy.

A cure or quit notice of 15 days should be used for minor lease violations – no right to cure is available for nonpayment or serious nuisance.