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Connecticut 30 Day Notice to Terminate Lease


A free Connecticut 30 Day Lease Termination Notice to end a residential monthly rental agreement. This is a single page PDF document.

See the Rental Application with Co-Applicant to screen tenants.

This free Connecticut 30 Day Notice to Terminate Lease may be used by either the landlord or tenant to end a month-to-month rental agreement. While there is no statute in Connecticut that specifically addresses this type of termination, it’s generally accepted for a monthly lease to be terminated by a 30 day notice.

How to Fill Out

Step 1 – Check the appropriate box as either a landlord or tenant and provide the original lease date and the termination date.

Step 2 – Tenants only, provide a forwarding address for receiving the security deposit funds.

Step 3 – Sign and date.

Step 4 – Deliver the notice to the other party in person or by certified mail.

Connecticut Eviction Laws
Rent Grace Period: 9 days. § 47a-15a
Nonpayment of Rent: 3 days. § 47a-23(a)
Noncompliance: 3 days. § 47a-23(a)
Termination (Month-to-Month Lease): No time period defined.
Eviction Lawsuit: Summary process Chapter 832

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