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Rental Application with Co-Applicant


This 3 page rental application is an essential tenant screening tool. It can accommodate up to two applicants – see the description below for a list of information collected.

This form is compliant with the FCRA as well as


This is a standard rental application with a co-applicant that may be used by one person, roommates or a couple. This document does not ask for an applicant’s personal bank account numbers or credit cards. It includes the following sections for each individual to complete separately:

Information Collected
Applicant Information – This section collects personal information such as name, email, phone number, current and previous address as well as housing payment amounts.

Applicant Information

Employment Information – This section collects current and previous employer information including employment addresses and income.

Employment Information

Emergency Contact – In case of an emergency, it’s important to collect the name of a person residing outside of the rental property household.

Emergency Contact

Landlord References – Collecting landlord references can be a critical component of the tenant screening process – just be sure to verify a landlord’s property ownership and/or management if relying on their reference so you can weed out friends and family members.

Landlord References

Personal References – While not as important as a landlord reference, personal references can be important for a multitude of reasons and a good idea to have.

Personal References

Public Records – This section contains two very important questions that should be asked of any applicant when applying for tenancy: Have you ever been convicted or evicted.

Public Records

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