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Alabama 7 Day Eviction Notice to Cure or Quit


An Alabama initial eviction notice for a tenant that violates the terms of his or her tenancy such as unauthorized pets, abandoned vehicles, etc.  This is a 2 page PDF document that can be printed and served on a tenant before filing to evict.

See the Alabama 7 Day Eviction Notice to Pay Rent or Quit for failing to pay rent.

This is the typically the first eviction notice used by an Alabama landlord when a tenant violates a material obligation of the lease agreement or tenancy.

This notice informs the tenant of what the problem is and that they must remedy the violation within seven days or vacate. If the tenant then fails act after receiving this notice, the tenancy terminates and the landlord may file an eviction lawsuit to seek the forcible removal of the tenant.

If the tenant corrects the problem before the seven days are up, then the landlord would generally not follow through with an eviction filing.

Alabama Eviction Laws
Rent Grace Period: None. § 35-9A-161
Non-Payment of Rent: 7 days. § 35-9A-421(b)
Non-Compliance: 7 days. § 35-9A-421(a)
Termination (Month-to-Month Lease): 30 days. § 35-9A-441(b)
Eviction Lawsuit: Unlawful Detainer. § 6-6-310 to § 6-6-353

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