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Alabama Commercial Lease Agreement


A versatile Alabama commercial lease that features all three gross, modified gross and triple net (NNN) expense options. This is a 10 page PDF document.

This rental form may be used for a variety of businesses occupying retail, warehouse, and executive space.

Whether you’re renting out warehouse space, office suites, or retail storefronts, this Alabama commercial lease agreement is flexible and comprehensive enough to accommodate may different types of businesses. It even includes the option to tailor the lease expenses using any one of the following methods:

Included Lease Expense Options
Gross – The Tenant is not obligated to pay any additional expenses, which include utilities, real estate taxes, insurance (other than on the Tenant’s personal property), charges, or expenses of any nature whatsoever in connection with the ownership and operation of the Premises.

Modified Gross – In addition to the rent, the Tenant shall be responsible for the specific additional expenses that are agreed upon and itemized in the lease.

Triple Net (NNN) – In addition to the rent, the Tenant agrees to pay for their share of the operating expenses of the entire building (as well as the taxes and insurance). This is typically calculated by determining the Tenant’s percentage of the total building area square footage.

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