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Arizona 30 Day Notice to Terminate Month-to-Month


Download this free Arizona 30 Day Notice to Terminate a Month-to-Month tenancy. This is a single page PDF document.

See the Arizona Immediate Notice to Quit for irreparable lease violations.

Arizona tenancy-at-will arrangements and month-to-month rental agreements can be terminated with this free 30 day notice. See A.R.S § 33-1375(B).

This form notifies the tenant that tenancy will not renew and will terminate with at least 30 days advance notice. The tenant must surrender the premises by the date specified or the landlord may file a forcible detainer action due to the tenant holding over.

How to Fill Out

Step 1 – Enter the tenant’s full name and contact address adjacent to “To Tenant(s),”

Step 2 – In the first paragraph, enter the rental property address for the tenancy that is being terminated, the termination date, and the date the termination goes into effect (at least thirty days from the date of the notice).

Step 3 – The Landlord, Property Manager, or Authorized Agent should sign and date on the bottom.

Step 4 – The person who serves this notice must complete the “Certificate of Service” section. They must enter the name of the person who received the notice along with the receiver’s address and date served.

Arizona Eviction Laws
Rent Grace Period: 5 days. ARS § 33-361(A)
Nonpayment of Rent: 5 days. A.R.S. § 33-1368(A)(2)
Noncompliance: 10 days. A.R.S. § 33-1368(A)(2)
Irreparable Breach: Immediate. A.R.S. § 33-1368(A)(2)
Termination (Month-to-Month Lease): 30 days. A.R.S § 33-1375(B)
Eviction Lawsuit: Forcible Entry and Detainer. ARS § 12-8-4

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