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Georgia Month-to-Month Lease Agreement


A Georgia Month-to-Month Lease is ideal for landlords and tenants needing a flexible tenancy term instead of a long term commitment. This is a 9 page PDF document.

See the Georgia Residential Lease Agreement for a 12 month or longer term.

Secure your rental property with a short term Georgia Month-to-Month Lease Agreement. This robust rental contract includes many essential covenants, conditions and restrictions to ensure there is an enforceable and legally binding agreement with a tenant.

What does Georgia Law Say?

GA Code § 44-7-7 (2015) Sixty days’ notice from the landlord or 30 days’ notice from the tenant is necessary to terminate a tenancy at will.

Georgia Required Disclosures

Flood Disclosure (§ 44-7-20) – If flooding has occurred three or more times in the last five years, the landlord must disclose this information to the prospective tenant before leasing the property.

Owner and Manger (§ 44-7-3) – A landlord must disclose the names and addresses of the property owner and manager to this tenant.

Existing Property Damage (§ 44-7-33) – A landlord must give the tenant a comprehensive list of any existing damage to the premises before collecting a security deposit.

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