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Georgia Notice to Cure or Quit


A Georgia Notice to Cure or Quit to demand a tenant fix a violation or to terminate the lease. This is a single page PDF document.

See the Georgia Notice to Pay or Quit for the nonpayment of rent.

In Georgia, there is no obligation imposed on a landlord to offer a tenant an opportunity to correct a tenancy violation. However, this Georgia Notice to Cure or Quit gives a landlord the option to demand the tenant to cure a violation before terminating their tenancy. It also allows for immediate termination.

What Does Georgia Law Say?

There is no statute preventing a landlord from immediately terminating tenancy when the terms of a lease agreement are violated.

How to Fill Out

Step 1 – Complete the full name of the tenant(s).

Step 2 – Identify the location of the premises, including county.

Step 3 – Specify the violation prompting this notice.

Step 4 – Select which demand you are making and enter a deadline for compliance.

Step 5 – Landlord or its agent must sign and date.

Step 6 – Once the notice is served on the tenant(s), the person who served the notice must attest to how and when it was delivered by completing the Record of Service section.

Georgia Eviction Laws
Rent Grace Period: Dictated by the lease if allowed.
Nonpayment of Rent: Immediate. § 44-7-50(a)
Noncompliance: May be immediate (no statute).
Termination (Month-to-Month Lease): Landlord, 60 days. Tenant, 30 days. § 44-7-7
Eviction Lawsuit: Dispossessory proceedings § 44-7-49 – § 44-7-59

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