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Illinois Residential Sublease Agreement


Download this IL Residential Sublease to rent out a house, condo, duplex, or apartment. This is a 3 page PDF document.

See the Illinois Residential Lease Agreement for a master lease.

This is a standard Illinois Residential Lease Agreement to rent out dwellings such as houses, apartments, condos, and duplexes. Each lease may be tailored to your specific needs regarding pet acceptance, security deposits, parking spots, included utilities, tenant alterations, and more.

What Does Illinois Law Say?

(425 ILCS 60/3) Every single family residence shall have at least one approved smoke detector installed on every story of the dwelling unit, including basements but not including unoccupied attics. In dwelling units with split levels, a smoke detector installed on the upper level shall suffice for the adjacent lower level if the lower level is less than one full story below the upper level; however, if there is an intervening door between the adjacent levels, a smoke detector shall be installed on each level…

…The tenant shall be responsible for replacement of any required batteries in the smoke detectors in the tenant’s dwelling unit, except that the owner shall ensure that such batteries are in operating condition at the time the tenant takes possession of the dwelling unit.

Illinois Landlord-Tenant Laws

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