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Iowa Residential Lease Agreement


A great standard IA Residential Lease to protect an investment property. A 9 page PDF document.

See the Rental Application with Co-Applicant for tenant screening.

The most standard type of rental contract in the industry is an IA Residential Lease Agreement. It’s based on an annual term, but may be extended for a longer duration. Flexible and easy to use, this form gives plenty of room to negotiate terms and conditions including pets, alterations, parking, and more.

What Does Iowa Law Say?

§ 562A.12 Rental deposits.

1. A landlord shall not demand or receive as a security deposit an amount or value in excess of two months’ rent.

2. All rental deposits shall be held by the landlord for the tenant, who is a party to the agreement, in a bank or savings and loan association or credit union which is insured by an agency of the federal government. Rental deposits shall not be commingled with the personal funds of the landlord. Notwithstanding the provisions of chapter 543B, all rental deposits may be held in a trust account, which may be a common trust account and which may be an interest-bearing account. Any interest earned on a rental deposit during the first five years of a tenancy shall be the property of the landlord.

Iowa Landlord-Tenant Laws

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