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Kansas Commercial Lease Agreement


Lease property to small business owners with this KS Commercial Lease. This is a 10 page PDF document.

See the Kansas 3 Day Notice to Pay or Quit for past due tenants.

Retail stores, restaurants, office suites, and more can be leased using this KS Commercial Lease Agreement. It’s an extremely versatile rental contract with a multitude of options beginning with the ability to choose which expense calculation to use for determining the cost of the lease.

Kansas Expense Options
Gross – The tenant is only responsible for the monthly rent.

Modified Gross – The tenant is responsible for specific additional expenses (aside from the base rent amount) that are added in the lease.

Triple Net (NNN) – The tenant must pay their base rent and for their share of the operating expenses of the entire building which usually includes utilities, real estate taxes, insurance, charges, or other expenses in connection with the ownership and operation of the premises. The expenses are typically calculated by determining the tenant’s percentage of the total building area square footage.

Kansas Commercial Real Estate Laws

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