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Kansas Month-to-Month Lease Agreement


Offer a short term rental commitment with a KS Month-to-Month Lease. This is a 9 page PDF document.

See the Kansas 30 Day Notice to Quit to terminate a monthly lease.

Kansas landlords and tenants may utilize the provisions of this KS Month-to-Month Lease Agreement when looking for a rental contract that automatically renews monthly. This is a document for those that do want to commit to a tenancy term lasting longer than for one month at a time.

What Does Kansas Law Say?

§ 58-2548 Within five (5) days of the initial date of occupancy or upon delivery of possession, the landlord, or such landlord’s designated representative, and the tenant shall jointly inventory the premises. A written record detailing the condition of the premises and any furnishings or appliances provided shall be completed. Duplicate copies of the record shall be signed by the landlord and the tenant as an indication the inventory was completed. The tenant shall be given a copy of the inventory.

Kansas Landlord-Tenant Laws

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